About Us

Brush Tips is an Art Studio filled with a great team that loves to teach people how to paint and be creative in a unique, fun way. Founder, Cheri Smith, with God, her husband Nick and family of four children bring fun and love into each class.  Her passion is to provide an environment where everyone can express their creativity in their own way. We have fun and everyone leaves with an amazing creation. This is fun art not fine art, we encourage creativity. We take people who say they can't paint or create and turn them into artists!  WE CREATE ARTISTS!

Our Mission: It is very simple. We live and love like Jesus. We show the world who they can be with amazing unconditional love and art.  God gave us all a talent and we want people to see theirs. We use the studio's as a way to shine light, bring joy, and help people. God sends us lots of people to help. We are the church disguised like an art studio. Doing God's work one creation at a time. We love Jesus and art is our saying. 

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