• 3-Day Camps | $85

    June 14th - 16th

    • June 14th: Fluid Art - Pour Painting
    • June 15th: Guided Painting
    • June 16th: Mixed Media

    June 21st - 23rd

    • June 21st: Guided Painting
    • June 22nd: Mosaic Art
    • June 23rd: Character Cut Outs

    July 19th - 21st

    • July 19th: Fluid Art - Pour Painting
    • July 20th: Guided Painting
    • July 21st: Mosaic Art

    August 2nd - 4th

    • August 2nd: Guided Painting
    • August 2nd: Mixed Media
    • August 3rd: Character Cut Outs
  • 5-Day Camps | $140

    June 26th - 30th

    • June 26th: Fluid Art - Pour Painting
    • June 27th: Guided Painting
    • June 28th: Mixed Media
    • June 29th: Pick a Painting
    • June 30th: Character Cut Outs

    July 10th - 14th

    • July 10th: Guided Painting
    • July 11th: Pick a Painting
    • July 12th: Character Cut Outs
    • July 13th: Mosaic Art
    • July 14th: Mixed Media

    July 24th - 28th

    • July 24th: Fluid Art - Pour Painting
    • July 25th: Guided Painting
    • July 26th: Mixed Media
    • July 27th: Pick a Painting
    • July 28th: Character Cut Outs

    August 7th - 11th (Wadsworth Location Only)

    • August 7th: Guided Painting
    • August 8th: Pick a Painting
    • August 9th: Character Cut Outs
    • August 10th: Mosaic Art
    • August 11th: Mixed Media
  • Mix and Match Camp Days

    Haven't been before and want to try us out? We offer drop-in days as an opporunity for your kiddo to try out a class before comitting to a full camp. Pick your day by viewing the project list above and register at the link below!

  • Fluid Art Pour Painting

    Watch a demonstration and learn the basics about how to pour paint to create colorful, abstract art pieces. Try out two of their favorite technqiues on two canvases.

  • Character Cut Outs

    Pick their favorite movie, tv show, or video game character, an animal, or even a person from real life. We help sketch it out for them to paint and we cut the face out at the end for them to be whoever they want to be.

  • Mosaic Art

    Learn about traditional mosaic art and ways to recreate imagery and scenes using paint, buttons, colorful paper and other fun materials!

  • Pick a Painting

    To promote creative independence, we take a day for the kid's to pick their own painting that will challenge them to be the best artist they can be.

  • Guided Painting

    Your young artist will discover their love for painting on canvas by learning about brush techniques, color mixing, and all about how to plan and finish a painting from start to end.

  • Mixed Media

    Who said paint only goes on canvas. During this fun mixed media project, we will learn new ways to tell a story with art by using more than just paint on canvas.